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We are two interior and graphic design minded mothers. The idea for the walldesign webshop we got from decorating our own children's bedrooms with posters and paintings.  

We design all the posters ourselves and we make them according to your wishes.

From us you can order colourful an delight posters to brigthen up the walls of your home. Order a 
personal baptism poster with photograph of your child and in addition buy the same tone of  an Alphabet poster. If you do not find the color of your choice on our website feel free to ask and we will try to customize the perfect poster for you to bring a smile on the lips of every member of the family.

Decorate with the stylish and popular black and white poster for your kitchen, bedroom or even on your hallway wall. Brighten up your home  and the look with colorful posters. We guarantee there is something for everyones taste!

Paulina & Linda